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Those are generated fields created by Wireshark when the capture is read in.

proto_item_set_generated is used to mark fields as not being read from the
captured data directly, but inferred from one or more values.

They are set in packet-tcp.c

     /* encapsulate all proto_tree_add_xxx in ifs so we only print what
        data we actually have */
     if(ta->frame_acked) {
          item = proto_tree_add_uint(tree, hf_tcp_analysis_acks_frame,
            tvb, 0, 0, ta->frame_acked);

         /* only display RTT if we actually have something we are acking */
         if( ta->ts.secs || ta->ts.nsecs ) {
             item = proto_tree_add_time(tree, hf_tcp_analysis_ack_rtt,
             tvb, 0, 0, &ta->ts);