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Looking at packet-icmpv6.c, it appears that there is no support for RFC 8505, e.g. the dissection of the ARO is as stated in RFC 6775.

The comments indicate that even 6775 support was provisional, e.g.

/* Address Registration (TBD1 Pending IANA...) */

There are no plans as such for dissector additions or improvements, enhancement requests may be added to the Wireshark Bugzilla and adding a capture to a request improves the chances of someone else picking it up, but, as is the case for most Wireshark dissector changes, someone such as yourself has an "itch" and writing the code solves the problem.

Note that you'll be modifying the existing ICPMv6 dissection code, not adding a new dissector. The Wireshark Developer's Guide and the various README.* files in the docs directory of the source tree will be immensely helpful when starting work on the Wireshark codebase.