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In the shared PCAP we are not seeing a complete TCP 3-way handshake.

Host keeps trying to get a TCP connection going by sending TCP SYN segment to but there is no SYN/ACK segment captured.

The "forwarder" ( seems to be sending the TCP SYN/ACK back to host but it is not seen. I base this assumption on seeing TCP RST after a few seconds which tells me that the "forwarder" itself is waiting for the final ACK from the host to complete the 3-way handshake but never gets it and gives up resetting the connection with TCP RST.

There are many reasons for this SYN/ACK to be missing. If there is a firewall then it would be best to capture on the host facing interface AND the "forwarder" ( at the same time. This will tell you if the firewall is monkeying with the packets. Do keep in mind that there is likely a configuration inside the firewall responsible for this behavior.

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