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There's promiscuous mode and there's promiscuous mode.

Originally, the only way to enable promiscuous mode on Linux was to turn on the IFF_PROMISC flag on the interface; that flag showed up in the output of command such as ifconfig.

In the 2.2 kernel (i.e., a long time ago), a second mechanism was added; that mechanism does not set the IFF_PROMISC flag, so the interface being in promiscuous mode does not show up in the output of ifconfig, and it does not require promiscuous mode to be turned off manually - closing the last descriptor on which promiscuous mode was requested suffices.

libpcap uses the second mechanism if it's available; tcpdump and Wireshark both use libpcap to do packet capturing, so they'll use the second mechanism on any Linux system with a 2.2 or later kernel. Therefore, neither tcpdump nor Wireshark will, when capturing in promiscuous mode, cause ifconfig to show "PROMISC".