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Note also that plugins are currently expected to be built using C so using C++ specific constructs in your plugin may or may not work.

You should also note that there is no guarantee of plugin ABI compatibility (e.g. 3.2.x -> 3.4.x) so you get to maintain multiple copies of your plugin for all versions of Wireshark you care to support. This is why it's often easier to contribute your dissector (as a built-in dissector) back to the Wireshark project who will maintain all that for you and distribute your dissector to all at no cost yourself.

Finally note that your plugin will be subject to the Wireshark GPL 2.0 or later licence (as it's linked to Wireshark) so you will have to abide by the licence, in particular your obligations to make the source code available to all those outside your company who receive the plugin.