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The following USB adapters pick up VLAN tags in Windows10 at least:

  • USB 0bda:8153/RTL 8153
  • USB 0bda:8152/RTL 8152 (TPLink)
  • USB 2357:0601/RTL 8153
  • USB 0b95:772b/ASIX 88772B

Does not work for me to get VLAN tags in Win10:

  • USB 0bda:8152/RTL 8152 (Some no name vendor)

All my Intel adapters pick up VLANs too in Windows if I make the required registry changes.

I still would not use any of these USB adapters for any type of long term / critical capture requirement but I make extensive use of them in a lab environment where I can validate the traffic profile is as expected prior to relying on the data they provide.