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I'll provide an answer, but I don't speak on behalf of The Wireshark Foundation, so my answer shouldn't necessarily be interpreted as the answer. I guess this is more of an opinion then. With that ...

My feeling is that Wireshark ought to provide all the information users need directly on its own sites, which the Wireshark Foundation actually has control over. While @Jasper is definitely someone reputable and trustworthy and providing links to his site might be helpful, I don't think external sites should be the primary source of information. External sites can change, links can become broken, and internal procedures, content and capabilities can change making such links possibly obsolete with no way to update the external information.

On other sites, such as Stackoverflow, providing answers such as, "See <link to an answer elsewhere>" is highly discouraged for this reason. There's no guarantee that those links won't become broken at some point, and then anyone looking for the answer elsewhere can no longer find the solution. It's better to provide at least the crux of the information directly and then link elsewhere for "further reading".

So, if further information about how to attach capture files is useful and desired, then we could either add a summary directly in the FAQ, or we could link to a Wireshark blog controlled by the Wireshark Foundation. In either case, providing an external link to @Jasper's blog could be added so a user could get additional information as well.

So if there's general agreement to this opinion, then the questions become, "What additional information should be provided?" and "Where should that information live?" Perhaps a Wireshark bug report should be created to track this, that way the suggested text could be reviewed and we can proceed from there?

If on the other hand, other administrators disagree and think it's perfectly fine to simply link to @Jasper's blog, then I won't object. I'd probably just let the other administrator add the link to @Jasper's blog in the FAQ in that case though.