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Solution has been found, see below. Find also in the end another question on this topic.

@Jim Joung: thanks a lot. Problem is that router is using both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands at the same time. According to "$ Airodump-ng mon0" command, router is using channel 6, so I used to set Wireshark to use same channel by selecting "Channel 6 - 2.437" on top panel, and this worked fine to sniff PC_Target, which I verified was connecting on that 2.4 band. However, checking into router logs, I found out that all the available smartphones were connecting on 5GHz band. After some checks I found that proper channel for them was "Channel 48 - 5.240". After setting this channel on Wireshark I can now sniff EAPOL of smartphones too.

@Jaap: you are right, but I decided to write a title somehow generic in order to reach as many different people as possible who might have same issue.

@Anders: thank for support, devices were of course connected to Wi-Fi and not to Mobile Network.

Question for all: even if airodump-ng was stating router was on Channel 6, in the end I had to manually switch Wireshark on a different channel in order to sniff smartphones traffic. However, there are something around 20 different channels on 5GHz band, and only one of them was the correct one. I had to test them one by one, and it's been very slow. Is there a way to immediately find which channel must be selected for a specific device, when router is behaving like this?