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When i checked the source code, I see the function call and enumerated list for the "-k" option, but it appears the string definitions for the channel type are commented out.

Not if you look at the master branch's version of caputils/ws80211_utils.c (look at the ws80211_str_to_chan_type() function) and caputils/ws80211_utils.h (where the values that function uses are defined). That's the function set_80211_channel() in dumpcap uses.

If, however, you do look there, you see that the strings for channel type are:

  • "NOHT";
  • "HT20";
  • "HT40-;
  • "HT40+";
  • "VHT80";
  • "VHT80+80";
  • "VHT160";

"80Mhz" and "40MHz" are not, and have never been, valid values. "VHT80" is, and has been, valid since Wireshark 2.6.


I'm running WireShark 3.2.2 on MacOS 10.14.6

we don't support setting the channel on macOS; it's currently Linux-only. I'll look at fixing the error message.