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Is there a newer Wireshark version that will follow RFC8613?

Wireshark 3.4, when it comes out.

The code in the pre-master-branch code has

#define COAP_OPT_OBJECT_SECURITY      21      /* value used in OSCORE plugtests */

while the code in the master branch has

#define COAP_OPT_OBJECT_SECURITY      9       /* RFC 8613 */

I doubt any plugtests will be using 21 any more; the only reason I can see not to backport the change would be if somebody wanted to read old captures from a plugtest, in which case the right thing to do would be to 1) handle both 9 and 21 as OSCORE in the master branch and 2) backport the fix and that change.

Please report this as a bug on the Wireshark Bugzilla, as it's definitely a bug, given what's in the registry of CoAP Option Numbers.