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I opened the Wireshark and the game also and when I went in to the game it instantly crashes. Why is that?

Probably because the game has a bug in it.

is the game trying to not start because I have Wireshark on?

Possibly, but, if so, it's being obnoxious, and the developers and publishers should at least let you know that they refuse to let the game run if it detects a packet sniffer running on the same machine.

if so then how can I bypass it?

You might try starting Wireshark before running the game and then starting a capture on whichever interface is being used, with promiscuous mode turned off and, if it's a Wi-Fi interface, monitor mode turned off. You shouldn't need either of them, given that you're just trying to capture traffic between the game, running on the same machine, and the server.

If that doesn't work, you might try finding where "Wireshark.exe" is installed, rename it to "MagicWord.exe" or something else, and try running it. If the game is looking for sniffers, and it does so by looking for processes running on the system with names corresponding to known sniffers, with Wireshark being one of them, that might confuse it ("hey, there's some weird word processor running, but that's OK").

If that doesn't work, you might try renaming the folder containing Wireshark from "Wireshark" to "MagicWord"; the way Wireshark finds the files belonging to the installation shouldn't have a problem with that (it asks the OS where the program was launched from, and uses that).

If that doesn't work, you'll probably have to ask for support from the game vendor.