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See for more details on 802.11 and promiscuous mode.

Assuming you are using some form of WPA encryption (WPA2 or WPA3, say, as you should be...) your adapter won't have the unicast keys from other hosts so can not decrypt the traffic anyway. However, typically, promiscuous mode has no effect on a WiFi adapter in terms of setting the feature on or off. There are wifi adapters with some drivers that support monitor mode but do not support promiscuous mode (no matter the setting) so never pass unicast traffic for other hosts up to be captured. Not particularly useful when trying to use an 802.11 over-the-air capture to troubleshoot.

is possible do configure my adapter in monitor mode

Some you can, some you can't. Without additional information, no one knows. The link has details for various operating systems. It's usually best not to be connected to an AP at the same time as trying to use monitor mode, so make sure your PC is disconnected from an AP and is just in monitor mode; the results can be unpredictable otherwise.