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"the issue is that tvbparse API is used to parse through all of the parameters, so they don't have their own hf_ variables to do things like assign "human readable" values (and really makes filtering very difficult)"
Formatted for the tree. Populated as UINT32 for column.;a=blob;f=epan/dissectors/packet-ntp.c

1288         proto_tree_add_uint_format_value(ntp_tree, hf_ntp_rootdispersion, tvb, 8, 4,
1289                 rootdispersion, "%8.6f seconds", rootdispersion_double);

2660                 { &hf_ntp_rootdispersion, {
2661                         "Root Dispersion", "ntp.rootdispersion", FT_UINT32, BASE_DEC,
2662                         NULL, 0, "Total dispersion to the reference clock", HFILL }},