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Unfortunately the capture library, npcap, used by Wireshark shows up a lot of other interfaces that don't really carry traffic. These are usually named "Local Area Connection* x", where x is a number. For all practical purposes these interfaces can be ignored, and using the Wireshark -> Capture -> Options... -> Manage Interfaces... dialog you can uncheck the "Show" box next to each of these interfaces to hide them.

Generally your wired connections will be named "Ethernet", possibly with a number, and your wireless connections will be named "Wi-Fi". If you have renamed the interfaces in the OS settings then you should see those names instead. For all interfaces that have traffic you should see this reflected in the "sparkline" to the right of the interface names that shows activity.

Note that you should NOT run Wireshark as Administrator, that would possibly allow a vulnerability in Wireshark to be exploited by passing network traffic and bad things happen.