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As Sake noted, having a capture file allows us to use Wireshark to analyze the data, however here's what I can see:

#1 Client --> Server  [SYN] seq=0
#2 Server --> Client  [SYN, ACK] seq=0 ack=1
#3 Client --> Server  [ACK] seq=1 ack =1 
#4 Client --> Server  [PSH] seq=1 ack =1 len=488
#5 Client --> Server  [FIN, ACK] seq =489 ack =1

The above is a normal TCP connection, and the client sending some data, immediately followed by a FIN. Not sure why the client is sending ACK in #5 though.

#6 Server --> Client  [SYN, ACK] seq=0 ack=1 retransmission

This is a retransmission. The server didn't get the client data from packets #3 to #5

#7 Client --> Server  [ACK] seq=490 ack=1( I don't know why the seq is 490,because I think it should be seq =1 ack=1)

The client is now acking the server retransmission. The client seq. is 490 as that's how far it has got after #5.

#8 Client --> Server  [FIN,PSH,ACK] seq=1 ack=1 len=488

The client is retransmitting the data and the FIN

#9 Server --> Client  [ACK] seq=1 ack=490

The server is acking the data from the client.