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Hello wshark_de and welcome to ask.wireshark

It looks like the connection is suffering from a significant packet loss. The reason for the loss cannot be determined in this short trace. The problem becomes clear with a quick walk through the trace file:

  • The TCP connection starts with a SYN from
  • Please note that the first two SYNs go unanswered, only the third one get's an answer. This in itself is unusual.
  • The SYN/ACK in packet 4 arrives with 42 msec, which is within the range that you expect.
  • The client completes the 3-way handshake in packet 6 with a retransmission in packet 7. Since we are looking at SMB we can assume that these frames try to establish the SMB dialect / version number to be used for this connection.
  • Please note that the server repeats the SYN/ACK in frames 8 and 11. This indicates that the clients ACK from frame 5 was lost in transit, just like the first two SYNs were lost.
  • The client dutifully tries to retransmit the ACK to complete the handshake in packets 9 and 12. Even the 178 byte payload from frame 6 is repeated multiple times.
  • After 30 seconds the server gives up and terminates the connection with a Reset.

It should be clear, that messages from the client hardly make it to the server. Even the initial SYN requires multiple retransmissions.

Here a couple of things to check in your network:

  • Is the problem only related to your Azure server? Or are other services experiencing similar problems?
  • If only the Azure server is affected you might want to check the configuration, event log etc.
  • If it's not just the Azure server you should check for an overloaded link, bad cables, faulty network equipment and similar issues.
  • Is your firewall working ok? An exhausted NAT pool, memory problems etc. can wreak havoc on a connection.

Good luck