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Not unless you're working at home (or if Wireshark on your work computer is using a capture library with remote capture support, your home computer has a remote capture server running on it, and whatever equipment is supplying the Internet connection on your home network is configured to allow a remote client, i.e. your work machine, to connect to the remote capture server on your home machine).

Network adapters can only capture traffic on the network to which they're attached, and, unless you're working at home, so that your home computer and work computer are both attached to the same network, your work computer won't be able to capture on your home network.

So only remote capture, in which a capture server runs on your home computer and sends a stream of captured packets to your work computer, will work there.

(And you probably don't want to send all your home network traffic over the public Internet, without encryption at the remote-capture stream level. Your packets may well have, for example, TLS encryption for remote connections to Web servers, but that doesn't encrypt. for example, IP addresses.)