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Do you have Swisscom TV?

From the screen shot:

    IP address:
    GeoIP2 City Results

        IP Address  Country Code    Location    Postal Code Approximate Coordinates*    Accuracy Radius (km)    ISP Organization    Domain  Metro Code  CH  Switzerland,    Europe      47.1449,    8.1551  100 Swisscom    Swisscom        

    MAC address:
    1c:b0:44:95:a9:70  (AskeyCom)
    Set top boxes:

    One example of UDP port 10000 on Swisscom network:
"For that I use QoS for the UDP port 10000 because it's the port used by the box for the TV streams."

The packets come in every ~1ms so maybe audio only (radio?) or status/guide information?