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As Graham noted, and as

I also tried tcpdump and it shows the same issue.

indicates, this isn't a Wireshark issue. It's probably either an issue with the hardware (including on-board firmware), the driver, or, if there's special libpcap code for those adapters, the libpcap code. (A quick look at the Mellanox site, and the "E" in "ROCE", suggests that they're Ethernet adapters, not Infiniband adapters, so I suspect there might not be special libpcap code.)

Perhaps ROCE packets aren't passed, as raw Ethernet packets, to the host, and are processed in the adapter, which directly performs DMA operations to/from the host? If so, they won't show up if you try to capture on the adapter, unless there's a special mode in which copies of the raw Ethernet packets are passed to the host, and the driver enables that mode.