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Hi Musky,

I don't see anything "wrong" in the capture but there is a "story" to tell.

Since initiates the TCP connection to I'll call the former host the client and the later the server.

I don't know what application this is but it looks like the server ( is waiting for something that never comes or something that takes a long time to get.

The server ( ACKs frames 8-9 sent by the client right away.

These frames may contain a request of sort that the server needs to "fulfill".

In order to do so, the server may have to lookup records in a database or query some other host(s) for information or authentication. (LDAP, DNS, RADIUS, etc.)

This seems to fail for some reason. The server keeps sending the same data back to the client over and over while waiting 23-24 seconds between tries.

The server tries six (6) times and on the seventh the query either works or the server gives up. (Data changes in frame 23.)

The client then closes the connection (rudely?) with TCP RST.

I would focus on server and see if it times out doing something else to serve

Hope that helps.