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The AJP13 dissector will only be invoked when there is actual data to be processed, and by default, traffic to\from port 8009 will be given to the AJP13 dissector. Most of the packets you list are either TCP handshake packets or ACK's which have no data. This is normal Wireshark behaviour and explains most of the packets.

The outlier is the 4th packet that has some data but doesn't seem to have been processed by the AJP13 dissector. This might be because the data is such that the dissector doesn't think it's an AJP13 packet.

You can disable any dissector in the case of false positives by either:

  • Right-clicking the dissector line in the packet detail pane and selecting Protocol Preferences -> Disable <dissector name="">
  • Using the menu item Analyze -> Enabled Protocols and then search for the dissector in the list and uncheck it.

Capture files can be uploaded to a public sharing site, e.g. Google Drive, DropBox etc., and a link to the file added in the question or a comment.