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Can you create a VM and use that for your Wireshark build? This is the preferred option as it keeps all the Wireshark bits off your work machines.

The CMake error indicates it could not find POD. This is a Perl utility that is usually installed along with Perl. As the Perl you are using is from Cygwin, which isn't the recommended Perl in the Developers Guide, you will have to make sure that your Perl installation provides POD, using the Cygwin package manager.

The asciidoctorj, xsltproc and docbook are\were very awkward to install without chocolatey, hence Gerald created those chocolatey packages to make life easier. You can look at the tools\chocolateyinstall.ps1 file for each package to see what it's doing and replicate that manually. Please submit changes to the documentation to help others when you work out what is required.

The build with Cygwin was a terrible hodgepodge of Windows and Posix and also used a separate makefile to the other 2 build systems in use at the time. Now we have one build system, CMake, to maintain. Building on Windows, if you follow the instructions, is now so much easier.

Of course, if you have restrictions placed upon you that prevents you following the Developers Guide instructions then you will have to make your own way. If the owners of your machine require you to build Wireshark, then why won't they let you install the required software to do so?