I use centos 5.7, I wish to install the wireshark source code. When I set up the lastest version with a checkout of http: // anonsvn.wireshark.org / wireshark / trunk, he asks me to install some packages which exists only in higher versions then 5.7. Do you know what wireshark version i have to install (http: // anonsvn.wireshark.org /)? Thank you

asked 14 Dec '12, 07:03

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what are those dependencies/packages?

(14 Dec '12, 10:38) Kurt Knochner ♦

I know that Wireshark 1.8.x won't compile on CentOS 5.

I think that Wireshark 1.6.x will though I haven't tried recently (oh, wait, a quick check shows that CentOS 5 comes with autoconf 2.59 and Wireshark 1.6.x requires 2.60 so to do Wireshark 1.6 you'd need to at least upgrade autoconf).


answered 14 Dec '12, 10:49

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JeffMorriss ♦
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Thank you, i try to install autoconf 2.6 to use wireshark 1.6 but i have a lot of not resolved dependencies and i don't find the rpm of libdb.so.2. Do you khnow how i have to install it pr upgrade autoconf.

Thank you

(18 Dec '12, 12:32) Gigi

Well, compiling Wireshark does require a fair number of development packages; these should be detailed in the INSTALL file. I've been working on a CentOS 5 build from an RPM and this is what I have as requirements to build:

BuildRequires: libpcap-devel >= 0.9 BuildRequires: zlib-devel BuildRequires: glib2-devel BuildRequires: gtk2-devel >= 2.4 BuildRequires: autoconf BuildRequires: python BuildRequires: gnutls-devel BuildRequires: desktop-file-utils BuildRequires: flex, bison

(19 Dec '12, 06:54) JeffMorriss ♦

(Ran out of room in that comment, here's the rest...)

I don't know what is libdb.so.2 or why you'd need it. I just successfully compiled 1.6.12 on CentOS 5 last night. My system does have libdb.so (from the db4-devel package) but my Wireshark doesn't use it.

(19 Dec '12, 06:55) JeffMorriss ♦

Thank you but when i try to install the RPM of autoconf that's not work. So i install it from the code source (make install) and that work well.

(19 Dec '12, 10:40) Gigi
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