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Hi expert,

My laptop is running on Windows 7 SP1 (32 bit). I successfully installed the version 1.4.7. Unfortunately, the application can't run due to no interface detected. I already did uninstall/install of the program but still problem exists. I also tried to install the old version but still the problem persists. For your assistance. Thank you

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asked 06 Jun '11, 06:04

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When I installed the WinPcap before, I didn't select the automatic detect of interfaces. I installed it again with the option automatic detect. I run the Wireshark application, I can now capture a trace. Regards,


answered 06 Jun '11, 18:10

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Make sure winpcap is installed. And try running it using administrator login. Windows 7 and Vista have more access controls, controlled through the UAC, built in to them than xp does.


answered 06 Jun '11, 07:03

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