Malformed EAPOL packets

asked 2019-03-14 16:04:16 +0000

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updated 2019-03-14 16:05:15 +0000

Hello, I am new at network science and been trying to capture the 4 way handshake in monitor mode, I was able to get some EAPOL packets mostly repetitive ones and never the 4th packet, the vast majority of them also said they were malformed and no decrypting was being done, why is this? / what more information do you need?

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why is this?

impossible to say without a pcap and some information what/where/how you captured that data.

what more information do you need?

a pcap file.


Kurt Knochner gravatar imageKurt Knochner ( 2019-03-14 19:55:52 +0000 )edit

@kurt koncher is not a pcap file my wireshark monitor mode analyses? wouldn't that contain sensitive information about neighbors, my network.. etc? if so is there anyway to filter that information, assuming there is private information, or an another way, am I missing everything completely? thanks

Apool gravatar imageApool ( 2019-03-15 12:35:38 +0000 )edit