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Windows 10 RDP client is trying to establish an rdp session to a Windows 7 system. tcp.connection.rst is sent by the server side and "an internal error has occurred" error is immediately shown on the client side.

Are there any clues as to why the connection is getting reset?

Client side ( capture is attached



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It's hard to tell using Wireshark. From what I see this looks pretty much like OS/Application level error. In packet 4 the client pushes some data/command, the server acknowledges it, but later issues a reset.

By googling I see many people complain on the same error, and there are different workarounds, sometimes effective, sometimes not.

Packet_vlad gravatar imagePacket_vlad ( 2019-02-18 08:26:33 +0000 )edit


I looked at the recently installed software on the client system and noticed VMWare Horizon Agent was installed several days ago. Additionally, Horizon direct connect plug-in was installed the same day.

Wondering if Horizon agent changed something at the OS level that RDP relies on? I guess the only way to find out is to remove the agent and a plug-in.

Edit: Will investigate if the problem is TLS related as mentioned in this thread.


net_tech gravatar imagenet_tech ( 2019-02-18 13:01:25 +0000 )edit

Sorry, can't say confidently about that - it's not my expertise. Would be interesting to know if you've resolved the issue.

Packet_vlad gravatar imagePacket_vlad ( 2019-02-18 19:10:28 +0000 )edit

Disablement of TLS1.0 by the Horizon Agent confirmed to be the problem. Out of the box Windows 7 RDP is supported over TLS1.0, KB3080079 adds support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 OS.

net_tech gravatar imagenet_tech ( 2019-02-18 23:26:23 +0000 )edit