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WiFi camera > Wireshark tcp dissect, data assembly > video player

asked 2019-02-06 13:17:41 +0000

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updated 2019-02-06 13:19:06 +0000


I need my open wifi camera to be accessed by 5+ concurrent users on-the-go, with smartphones, having no time to make many clicks on their smartphones while busy with driving (slowly).

WiFi camera > Wireshark tcp dissect, data assembly > video player

Due to wifi bandwidth limitations, number of concurrent users is limited by AP coming with wifi camera.

So my intention is to let a user to run Wireshark to save the streamed video data packets from my wifi camera, dissect and clean all tcp/ip protocol's traffic, leaving video frames data only, assembly video frames data into XML, RSS or another data format , which can be fed/ pipelined into video player like VideoLan VLC.

Please let me know your opinion.

If the above challenge has been already successfully solved, give me some references.

That way, open wifi camera can stream video alike DVT-B transmitter, one to many.

Not sure if wifi camera's AP configuration can be modified to make the above approach to work on the other end.

thank you


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answered 2019-02-06 20:16:43 +0000

Hi Darius,

You can probably use Wireshark manually or a shell scripting language available on your platform to call tshark and maybe editpcap to automate the process.

This means that you've figure out a way to capture the video traffic from the WIFI camera on a device capable of running Wireshark/tshark.

You'll still need to make sure that the video format will be readable by VLC after processing.

Once you've removed the headers from the video, you still have that video in packet format.

VLC may or may not be able to deal with video in this format.

I've answered a similar question recently.

Hope this help.



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thank you for your excellent answer and your reference to a similar question, answered by you.

It looks like telepathy works fine on the Wireshark forum ;)

There is a problem with personal wifi cameras, flooding the Internet sale channels, since specification on what video formats are supported and how they can be requested via rstp or some other interface is missing.

I have purchased my wifi camera in a market and reading manual I was advised to download Guard app for Android and can have my tablet to connect to AP in the camera, get IP address assigned via DHCP and watch live video stream in the application.

Not sure how to make my camera to work for PC win32 XP, since rtsp login syntax is missing, so I need to install tcpcap app for Android to record and save login to AP for use on PC.

Since it ...(more)

darius gravatar imagedarius ( 2019-02-07 00:14:51 +0000 )edit

Hi Spooky,

my congratulations, your answer is the best


darius gravatar imagedarius ( 2019-02-08 00:16:13 +0000 )edit

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