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Quick way to copy individual display filter buttons / IO Graph lines to other profiles?

asked 2019-01-24 07:52:44 +0000

updated 2019-01-24 07:54:11 +0000

Hi all,

Display filter buttons and custom IO graph lines are stored on per-profile basis. Usually when I create some "super-useful" button/graph I want it to be available in many (or all) other profiles so I have to repeat the same in every profile (I have 20+ of these).

Is there a faster way to do it? Maybe it would be good to implement something like "right click - copy to profiles... - select profiles" menu?



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answered 2019-01-24 18:53:30 +0000

cmaynard gravatar image

See Bug 15388 - Add "Copy from" feature to other dialogs, and feel free to explicitly mention your items of interest in that bug report so if someone does eventually implement something, they won't be left out.

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Asked: 2019-01-24 07:52:44 +0000

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