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How do I export or import macro filters list in wireshark?

asked 2019-01-02 08:33:10 +0000

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updated 2019-01-02 15:26:37 +0000

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How do I export or import macro filters list in wireshark? Thanks

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answered 2019-01-02 15:18:05 +0000

cmaynard gravatar image

updated 2019-01-03 21:44:36 +0000

With the latest development version of Wireshark, you can copy display filter macros from one profile to another via Analyze -> Display Filter Macros... -> Copy from, but there's still no way to directly export or import them to or from a completely separate file from the GUI.

If that is a feature you desire, you can file an enhancement bug request for it on Wireshark's Bugzilla page, and perhaps someone will implement it, or you could implement it yourself if you are able to. Refer to the Wireshark Developer's Guide and the Wireshark SubmittingPatches wiki page for how to get started in Wireshark development.

In the meantime, one thing you can do to essentially export the display filter macros outside of the GUI is to simply copy the dfilter_macros file to another file. This file is located in your personal configuration folder, which you can find via Help -> About Wireshark -> Folders -> Personal configuration. NOTE that the dfilter_macros file can be customized per profile, so if you're working with profiles, you'll have to copy the relevant one from the profile of interest.

And to essentially import display filter macros outside of the GUI, you can simply copy over a new dfilter_macros file into your personal configuration folder or relevant profile.

If you were referring to capture filters instead of display filters, then there's currently no capability in the GUI to copy capture filters from one profile to another like there is for display filters (a candidate for a separate enhancement bug request), but you can copy/paste the cfilters file similarly to how I described the process above for the dfilter_macros file.

(But I see the question was tagged with DisplayFilters, so I'm fairly sure it's display filters you're interested in importing/exporting and not capture filters).

EDIT: Bug 15388 has been filed.

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