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IS-41 (SS7 CDMA) protocol is flagging unexpected optional parameters as BER errors.

asked 2018-12-10 13:10:17 +0000

Alan gravatar image

Not sure if you got my question before I registered.

There is a problem with decoding CDMA (IS-41) messages that include unexpected optional parameters. Wireshark is generating BER errors. The spec says they should be ignored for backwards compatibility. This is causing concern among our user community. Would like to chat with a developer to get this addressed.


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answered 2018-12-10 13:58:09 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

The place to raise this is the Wireshark Bugzilla, attaching a capture file that shows the issue.

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For completeness: bug opened is 15349.

JeffMorriss gravatar imageJeffMorriss ( 2018-12-10 19:11:36 +0000 )edit

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