How does google image work and how can I test https with wireshark?

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Basically, I am very confused about how google image work?

For example, I tried to search "apple" in google image.

Then, you'll see a lot of images relating to apple.

Now, next step, I click the first image

I get the image enlarged and in a preview mode. At this point, I am not leaving Google Image literally, because I didn't click the image to be redirected to another website outside of google.

So, I was expecting all my dns record at this point should have been with google, right?

However, I saw many dns address which are not google domains at all.....

So, if my ISP was viewing my traffic, did they see I actually visited those non-google domain instead of staying along with Google image.....

I am very confused.

Question 2

Can somebody tell me how could I repeat the "checking of https://" process described in this articule step by step?

Basically I want to test how https works by using wireshark, whether a HTTPS can really help to encrypt the full URL address across connections, especially the "query=keyword#target" part.....

Many thanks!

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