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How do I monitor WAN traffic?

asked 2018-10-09 17:07:55 +0000

neil gravatar image

I would like to monitor WAN traffic on a specific IP, how do I do this?

WireShark is inside the network (LAN).


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answered 2018-10-09 17:58:15 +0000

you would need a TAP or a monitor port if your equipment supports it. some routers will support capturing as well.

i did a video on cisco port mirroring, if that helps

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Thanks for the link, it was useful to see, although my setup is different it still does help. I need to do more searching on a TAP and a monitor port to understand more.

neil gravatar imageneil ( 2018-10-09 18:19:05 +0000 )edit

youre welcome

also created this one that may help Span vs Tap Testing

thetechfirm gravatar imagethetechfirm ( 2018-10-09 22:25:31 +0000 )edit

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