How is Packet List field highlighting enabled/disabled?

asked 2018-08-17 12:35:24 +0000

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Sometimes, I'm able to click on a particular area of the Packet List and that particular box (a Source Address, for example) and it highlights with a dashed line around the edges. Sometimes that feature doesn't seem to be available. Any rhyme or reason why?

Here's a screenshot:

image description


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I for one am unable to access files on google drive from behind my corporate firewall. Can you edit your question and just add the screenshot image directly to your question?

cmaynard gravatar imagecmaynard ( 2018-08-17 13:32:25 +0000 )edit

Alas, I don't have the Karma to do that yet - I need 60 points to be able to upload a file, and I'm only at 16.

mctmike gravatar imagemctmike ( 2018-08-17 13:54:13 +0000 )edit

I was able to download the image from another computer and post it.

What version of Wireshark are you using and on what platform? Maybe post tshark -v output? I'm not seeing this on Windows with either master or 2.6.2.

cmaynard gravatar imagecmaynard ( 2018-08-17 14:14:44 +0000 )edit

I'm on Version 2.6.2, 64-bit edition, running on Windows 10.

I have another computer, same version and OS, but no highlights when I click on a cell in the Packet List. I can't figure out what the difference might be.

I teach Wireshark for Global Knowledge, so I'm frequently reinstalling it as part of a demonstration. Sometimes, the installation provides the highlighting behavior, sometimes not - and I haven't been able to observe a reliable pattern.

mctmike gravatar imagemctmike ( 2018-08-17 15:58:27 +0000 )edit

Here's my info for Wireshark 2.6.2:

Compiled (64-bit) with Qt 5.6.2, with WinPcap (4_1_3), with GLib 2.42.0, with zlib 1.2.11, with SMI 0.4.8, with c-ares 1.14.0, with Lua 5.2.4, with GnuTLS 3.4.11, with Gcrypt 1.7.6, with MIT Kerberos, with MaxMind DB resolver, with nghttp2 1.14.0, with LZ4, with Snappy, with libxml2 2.9.4, with QtMultimedia, with AirPcap, with SBC, with SpanDSP, with bcg729. 

Running on 64-bit Windows 10, build 15063, with Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1505M v5 @ 2.80GHz (with SSE4.2), with 16225 MB of physical memory, with locale English_United States.1252, with WinPcap version 4.1.3 (packet.dll version, based on libpcap version 1.0 branch 1_0_rel0b (20091008), with GnuTLS 3.4.11, with Gcrypt 1.7.6, with AirPcap ...
cmaynard gravatar imagecmaynard ( 2018-08-17 16:11:50 +0000 )edit