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Suppressing unsaved-packets prompt

asked 2018-07-25 17:24:44 +0000

plong gravatar image

Years ago, possibly when it was Ethereal, one wasn't prompted to save the current capture before re/starting another capture. Is there any way to get this behavior back? I know I could screw up and lose a capture this way, but I think that's a remote possibility and would like the ability to turn this off.

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answered 2018-07-25 17:50:17 +0000

cmaynard gravatar image

You can change this behavior through the preferences.

Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> gui.ask_unsaved -> FALSE
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Thank you so much! I looked over those preferences but must have missed it.

plong gravatar imageplong ( 2018-07-25 17:53:41 +0000 )edit

Also available as a checkbox at

Edit -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Confirm Unsaved Capture Files
grahamb gravatar imagegrahamb ( 2018-07-25 19:38:06 +0000 )edit

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