Way to capture webcam video traffic using wireshark

asked 2018-06-27 14:33:44 +0000

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For my current work scenario at the office, I need to capture video traffic using wireshark. Please find my scenario from below:

  1. I have to capture all the video packets that is coming from my laptop's web cam.
  2. I have to save the video packets properly as a file, and I should be able to play that file as well using media players.
  3. Once I am able to sniff the video packets that is coming from my web cam, I need to measure its latency too.
  4. I also have to measure my ip camera's throughput and jitter as well.

I am using a gateway laptop having an inbuilt wireless cheese web cam in it. My operating system is linux 16.04.

Kindly provide your valuable information that using wireshark how can I sniff the video packets that is coming from my system's web cam, and how can I save it in a file and play at later stage. Finding my web cam's throughput, latency, and jitter are also the parts of my entire work.

Warm regards, Rana.

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