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ios 11 802.11 frames

asked 2018-06-25 13:02:02 +0000

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updated 2018-06-25 17:34:56 +0000

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Hello Today I did some packet capturing to troubelshoot some issue on an ios 11 device not able to connect. However I didn't see any captured package in Wireshark. After I connected with the correct passhrase, only then the packets are shown in Wireshark, so before connection nothing is shown, no probe requests or responses, no open system authentication, ... . I read about Apple ios11 blocks third party developers to mac-addresses. Is this the reason why we can not receive any packages any more? I did the same test with an Android device and I received all the packages fine.

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answered 2018-06-25 17:18:30 +0000

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I did some research and believe that the MAC-randomizer of apple (used by probing) is the cause. It make sense because the beacons of the ap are captured and the frames of the client are capture of the moment the connection with the network is made.

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