RDP session Disconnect issue

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We connect via VPN to a AWS host via RDP. We have 3 VLAN's and only the users on the default VLAN get dropped from their RDP Sessions. We an repeat the issue consistently. So I installed wireshark on a laptop and captured the traffic from connection to disconnect and I received a FIN from the server after several spurious re-transmissions.

I cannot determine why this happens only from a single subnet. No other subnets are effected. Curiously If I have a support session running on the laptop the connection does not drop. unfortunately I cant do this for the 30 or so users who connect from the problematic subnet. I have saved the capture file and would appreciate someone more familiar with Wireshark and the inner workings of TCP/IP to help me determine if the issue is on my network or with the host on the other side of the VPN. I would upload the capture file but the system says I need 60 points to upload.

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You can always share a file via Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar cloud storage. Just provide the download link in a comment to your original question or edit your question to include the link.

Rooster_50 gravatar imageRooster_50 ( 2018-06-17 13:43:00 +0000 )edit