NFS and reassembled TCP segment

asked 2024-07-08 14:39:05 +0000

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I have a school exercise where my teacher provides me with this capture by asking me to try to find the files he made transit on the test lab. I have to find a file on the NFS protocol except I notice that I have frames with the "READ" option and a part marked "reassembled TCP segments"

What should I do to recover the file that I think is a video file?

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In general we don't make your home work assignments. The assignment is there to learn you some skills. In this case it seems you need to read up on the NFS protocol and if you understand the protocol and understand what wireshark can do you should be able to solve the puzzle.

hugo.vanderkooij gravatar imagehugo.vanderkooij ( 2024-07-10 06:26:03 +0000 )edit