How do I determine from a packet capture whether a server NIC is partitioned?

asked 2024-06-30 23:05:42 +0000

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I suspect a server NIC to be partitioned because I am only getting 2.5Gbps of throughput out of 10Gbps connection. iDRAC only shows the NIC make and model. The only way to physically confirm NIC partitioning is get in to the NIC set up which I can't do until the next maintenance window (2 weeks away).

If partitioning is in play would there be any indication in the packet headers or it's totally transparent to NPCAP?


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Can you look at cards and MAC addresses in a lab setup?
Is there a physical MAC for the port and an additional 4 MACs when used in NPAR mode?

Chuckc gravatar imageChuckc ( 2024-07-01 03:09:51 +0000 )edit