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Is there a release 4.x for linux (ubuntu)?

asked 2024-06-11 13:22:19 +0000

KennyV gravatar image

Would like to use IP GeoLocation capability in wireshark. I do not see it in 3.6.2 that I'm running on ubuntu 22.04. Is there a newer version for ubuntu or do I need to install a package on my current 3.6.2 wireshark?


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2 Answers

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answered 2024-06-12 19:56:49 +0000

johnthacker gravatar image

A few years ago MaxMind made it difficult for Linux distributions to separately package the necessary database files. Distributions do continue to ship the last version with a redistribution friendly license from 2019:

MaxMind provides a few ways of updating through them:

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answered 2024-06-11 19:09:26 +0000

Jaap gravatar image

Your Wireshark version is capable of showing IP geolocation, if you set it up.

Go look at the Preferences, on the name resolution page. There's where you give it the MaxMind DB path. These database files you have to get yourself.

Then in the Preferences for the IPv4 protocol, you enable IP geolocation, and the same for IPv6.

If you do want a newer Wireshark release, there's a PPA for that. But it requires the same configurations.

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