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How to add decryption keys along with key type via tshark?

asked 2024-03-25 07:00:07 +0000

HI Wireshark team, Can you please help us in this? we are looking for an option to apply Temporal key which we collected to a pcap via tshark cli.

To explain it simple I am using below path in wireshrak gui to apply temporal key to the required pcap and we are looking for an option to use this GUI option with tshark CLI. edit >> preferences >> IEE 802.11 >> decryption KEYS (EDIT) >> + >> key tyep (TK) >> paste key >> ok >> ok

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answered 2024-03-25 17:26:09 +0000

Bob Jones gravatar image
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Asked: 2024-03-25 07:00:07 +0000

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