No Bluetooth packets

asked 2024-02-12 07:49:50 +0000

Kobi gravatar image

I installed Wireshark v4.2.2 with npcap v1.79 on the office's laptop (with Windows 10 Enterprise, version 22H2). In the npcap installation, I allowed it to capture wireless communication packets. It receives Ethernet packets without a problem. But I failed to receive any Bluetooth packet. The wireshark recognizes the existence of the Bluetooth interface and allows me to select it for capturing. When I try to discover Bluetooth devices via the operating system: "Settings -> devices -> Bluetooth & other devices -> Add Bluetooth or other device", then it detects devices within seconds. I am also able to detect Bluetooth devices using Python script. Thus, packets should be captured by the Wireshark.... What should I do to be able to capture Bluetooth packets?

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