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Auto scroll to last packet keyboard shortcut

asked 2023-11-17 14:59:59 +0000

JRTinz gravatar image


It embarrasses me that this is my first post. I do apologize but I have surfed myself sick looking for this...

I avoid using my mouse and I'm looking for the keyboard shortcut for the toolbar icon "Automatically scroll to the last packet during live capture".

"Ctrl End" is close, but doesn't resume auto scroll.

Thanks in advance


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(May depend on version - test with 4.3.0rc0-676-g6ce97e418b9e)

Does Alt+G Alt+V do it? (shift not needed - used uppercase for readability)

Chuckc gravatar imageChuckc ( 2023-11-17 15:29:30 +0000 )edit

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answered 2023-11-18 11:18:58 +0000

JRTinz gravatar image

Works perfect !!!

I actually checked for that ChuckC, but somehow I overlooked the "v" in the selections. Glad it wasn't a snake!


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