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duplicate IPs detected but having trouble finding the IPs in question in general in the rest of capture

asked 2023-11-06 17:09:43 +0000

It shows the warning there are duplicate IPs configured. the IPs in question that they say are duplicated. I know that endpoints or conversations aren't going to show me the duplicates. but when I go to endpoints to see a list of The IPs used in the entire capture I don't see any of the 2 IPs listed at all. The same goes for conversations, regarding those IPs talking to anyone. How is that possible? Any insight would be helpful even though I've been vague with a lot of network info. I apologize for that

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answered 2023-11-06 18:02:36 +0000

Chuckc gravatar image

Duplicate IP address are detected at the Ethernet level in the ARP protocol dissector (epan/dissectors/packet-arp.c):

    expert_add_info_format(pinfo, ti,
                           "Duplicate IP address configured (%s)",
                           arpproaddr_to_str(pinfo->pool, (guint8*)&ip, 4, ETHERTYPE_IP));

You may not see any traffic at the IP level for these addresses.

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Asked: 2023-11-06 17:09:43 +0000

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