display 100 byte format with hex string ( proto_register_ )

asked 2023-10-06 20:54:34 +0000

chuanlu66 gravatar image


I have string like

dc c8 cd cc 8c af...

whet I code is below, I using FT_STRING and ENC_STRING,

proto_tree_add_item(tmoip_hdr_tree, hf_tmoip_rawdata_val, tvb, offset, TMoIP_Raw_Data_Length, ENC_STRING);

   { &hf_tmoip_rawdata_val,
        { "TMoIP raw data", "tmoip.raw",
          FT_STRING, BASE_NONE, 0, 0x0,
          "TMoIP raw data Value", HFILL }

the result I get are all garbage display on every byte.

Thanks, Chuan Lu

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