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Wie kann ich mit shark fritzbox daten auslesen

asked 2023-09-11 20:25:28 +0000

Toto gravatar image

Wie kann ich mit shark fritzbox daten auslesen und nachschauen welche Seiten werden benutzt

kann ich auch damit Passwort auslesen

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answered 2023-09-12 06:09:25 +0000

hugo.vanderkooij gravatar image

Propably not. If you don't understand networking protocols then wireshark will not help you much. But given the nature of your question you ask to look into information that you don't even understand how gather. So II suggest the first thing you need to find out is what you are looking for and how you can obtain that data.

It is most definitly not a tool to magically open a router and gather information out of it.

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Asked: 2023-09-11 20:25:28 +0000

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