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How to monitor traffic between a device and router externally

asked 2023-08-05 16:26:27 +0000

Nilstorm gravatar image

updated 2023-08-05 16:29:06 +0000

Hi as the title states,

How could I go about monitoring the traffic between a computer and a router in the case that my computer's network traffic is being obscured by a virus? How do i set another computer as an MITM to sniff through the real traffic coming out of an infected pc.

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answered 2023-08-05 22:34:17 +0000

cmaynard gravatar image

Refer to the Wireshark Capture Setup wiki page. At the bottom of that page are links to specific capture setup types, such as Ethernet and WLAN (WiFi), which are the two most likely capture setups you're interested in, but there are other capture setup pages too.

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Asked: 2023-08-05 16:26:27 +0000

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