Same notebook - same server to contact - different behavior – different setting parameter [conversation completeness]

asked 2023-05-18 21:22:14 +0000

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updated 2023-05-19 08:08:01 +0000

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Hi everyone, I have a notebook and two different networks, in two different places, connected with a same server ( ) by two different IPSEC. Here a summary of the two networks experience. When the same notebook starts the conversation with the server, I noted the differences setting between the Wireshark parameter Conversation completeness

-> Notebook -> Network # 1 -> IPSEC #1 -> -> [Conversation completeness: **Incomplete, DATA (15)**] -> **works fine** 

-> Notebook -> Network #2 -> IPSEC #2 -> -> [Conversation completeness: **Complete, WITH_DATA (47**)] -> **doesn’t work**

So, if I simply change the network, I don’t know where and why the same notebok really acquires the different setting of Conversation completeness parameter, for beginning the communication with the server. Can you help me to resolve that network enigma? Many thanks in advance for your collaboration. Felix

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