Rocky9 Supported Wireshark versions

asked 2023-03-29 08:47:34 +0000

Aharon5 gravatar image

Hey, I've been wondering what is the most updated wireshark version supported on this OS? while trying to install version 3.6.5 I get the following error: Problem: The operation would result in removing the following protected packages: systemd, systemd-udev


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Sounds weird. You can look for the latest package for RHEL9 and use it.Not sure which version that might be. If you really want the latest version then I would go for the source and warm up your compiler.

hugo.vanderkooij gravatar imagehugo.vanderkooij ( 2023-03-31 06:54:04 +0000 )edit

OK thanks. interesting if someone was able to run latest version there.

Aharon5 gravatar imageAharon5 ( 2023-04-03 14:33:43 +0000 )edit