No traffic on camera wireless network

asked 2023-02-28 18:28:33 +0000

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I purchased a used Matterport MC250 Pro2 3D scanning camera that can also do 360 panoramas. It broadcasts it's own wireless network. Matterport has a phone app that you must install to communicate with the camera, sending it one of two photo start options and then receives the scanned images back where they are displayed. You must then upload the images to their cloud server where they stitch them together and create a 3D home tour - for lots of money. It seems like a very Monopolistic set up.

I want to communicate with the camera using my laptop and save the files locally on my own server using software that I will write myself. First I need to capture the wireless network traffic, and I don't see any when I use WireShark (default install on Win 10). I can see a single repeating (very small) request to the phone and my laptop, but no real data packets kicking off the camera or images being sent back.

Any Ideas what's up?

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Too bad you have to have a rating over 60 to upload images. How does anyone get problems resolved here?

CAJ gravatar imageCAJ ( 2023-03-02 00:29:15 +0000 )edit